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When Was Your Last Dental Cleaning in Fayetteville, NC?

May 12, 2017

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Angela Ruff @ 10:22 pm

A dental cleaning in Fayetteville, NC is important for your health. Do you normally get up for work and start your day with your dental routine? Brushing, flossing, even swishing and gargling some minty mouthwash—just how any dentist would recommend. But, to maintain excellent dental health, it takes a partnership. One that requires participation from both you and Dr. Angela Ruff by keeping your regular dental appointments. If you haven’t had a dental cleaning in Fayetteville, NC in a while, these 5 reasons will have you questioning why you every skipped a dental appointment in the first place.

1.         Early detection is key to preventative care.

We can identify health issues early on and increase your chances of survival or reversal by leaps and bounds compared. Moreover, there are many cases in which dentists are preforming their thorough dental examinations and notice abnormalities that point to major general health problems. There are countless stories of dentists discovering patients either have or are at risk for diabetes because of the bad condition of their gums. Recent studies have shown there is a direct correlation between poor oral health and heart disease/strokes as well. Maintaining a healthy smile can help keep your whole body in good shape!

2.         Dazzling teeth last a lifetime.

Don’t you feel much better after having your teeth professionally cleaned? It feels refreshing to have your teeth polished with nutritious products for your teeth and it’s really healthy for your mouth. Professional cleanings remove plaque, hardened tartar, and dangerous bacteria that may have been missed from your normal dental routine. This lessens your risk for tooth decay and major dental problems that would otherwise develop when you miss your dental appointments.

3.         We educate patients in a fun, hands-on way.

Visiting Dr. Ruff gives you the opportunity to consult a professional to see if you’re truly taking care of your teeth like they need to be cared for. We can show you the correct techniques to keep up your good oral health and motivate you to stay consistent. This goes for you and the little members of your family that doesn’t always like listening to only their parents!

4.         Preventative appointments are covered!

Most dental insurance plans already cover two visits a year (the recommended amount from the American Dental Association). Why not use it? Utilizing your coverage will save you a lot of money in the long run. Instead of paying for more expensive restorative dental care, use your free preventive care! Check out our patient specials page to see if we have any deals that may benefit you and your family.

5.         Develop a customized treatment plan just for you.

If Dr. Ruff were to come across any dental health issues, we can create a treatment plan to get your dental health back on track. Even if you just need a confidence booster, your dental visits could be the start to a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Clean, stunning, healthy teeth are always a great way to put your best foot forward in life.

Visiting your dentist in Fayetteville, NC saves you time, money, and ultimately maintains great oral health. Each dental appointment at Ascot Aesthetic Implants & Dentistry will leave you with more confidence and a lessened chance of gum disease or tooth decay. Make visiting your dentist a habit starting today. Contact our friendly office team to schedule an appointment today!