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4 Advantages to Getting Dental Implants in Summer

May 17, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Angela Ruff @ 4:03 pm
woman smiling with dental implants in summer

Are you waiting for the perfect moment to get dental implants? Perhaps you’ve been waiting for a break in your busy schedule or you just haven’t had that brilliant a-ha moment. It can be a big commitment upfront, but implants are well worth the time and effort. And the truth is that there’s no better season than summer to move forward with this treatment! In this post, you’ll learn four things you can do this summer if you replace your missing teeth with dental implants now.

Keep Your Youthful Appearance

Summer should provide fun for kids of all ages—even adults. You don’t have to look and feel older than you are because of your missing teeth. Although normal dentures and bridges look like they fully replace teeth, they actually only replace the crowns, or visible part of the teeth. As a result, the jawbone atrophies and loses strength, shape, and density. That’s why people who have lost teeth tend to appear older and have sunken faces.

Implants go deeper and take the place of the missing tooth roots. By doing this, implants are able to keep the jawbone strong and youthful. When you get implants, you can still be young at heart and have fun adventures when summer rolls around.

Enjoy Summer Foods

Everyone loves having a cool snack to beat the summer heat. Soon after your placement procedure, you should stick to soft foods, such as ice cream, yogurt, and applesauce. As long as you avoid chewing around the implant site, watermelon is another great food to enjoy while you recover.

However, as soon as your implants are restored, you’re free to feast on basically any food you’d like—even on steak, corn on the cob, and other summer favorites. When your replacement teeth are firmly grounded in the jawbone, you have the capability to eat more nutritious and yummy foods.

Rest and Relax

Although there’s plenty of room for adventures, summertime is supposed to be easy and restful. The season is designed for sitting by the beach with a good book and relaxing. That’s exactly what you should do after you’ve received dental implants. In fact, you need to avoid strenuous activities for a few days following the placement procedure. This gives you an opportunity, and an excuse, to sit back and take time for self-care. While you make time in your schedule for some rest, you can check off an important to-do list item—complete your smile!

Ultimately, you don’t have to keep waiting for the perfect moment to arrive telling you to get dental implants—it’s here! Act now so that you can continue to have many more summers full of food, fun, and smiles.

About the Author

Originally from Fayetteville, Dr. Angela Ruff is proud to serve her friends and neighbors in the community. After earning her dental degree, she completed a general practice residency at the VA Hospital in Portland, Oregon. In her continuing education, she has achieved certification in Oral lmplantology at NYU. If you want to start dental implant treatment, you can schedule an appointment with her at Ascot Aesthetic Implants & Dentistry on the website or by calling 910-630-6199.