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Have You Heard About New LifeLike Dentures?

November 17, 2014

LifeLike Dentures If you are one of a kind, shouldn’t your dentures be as well? Dr. Ruff thinks so. You don’t have to put up with aged dentures that don’t fit your mouth or your personality. You can dramatically enhance your smile and your life with the newly designed, LifeLike dentures system. These cosmetic dentures are hand crafted to actually look like real teeth and gums. They are designed with multi layered life-like processing to simulate real gum tissue. If you are dissatisfied with your current dentures, make an appointment with Dr. Angela Ruff at Ascot Aesthetics Implants & Dentistry today to see how LifeLike Dentures can change your life. Dr. Ruff proudly serves patients throughout Fayetteville, NC, Spring Lake, and all of Cumberland County.

What are the Benefits of LifeLike Dentures?

  • Natural Look- LifeLike dentures are designed to be as unique as you are. LifeLike dentures can make you look 10-15 years younger.
  • Comfortable- There’s no slipping or shifting with custom fitted LifeLike dentures. Patients report that LifeLike dentures fit so well, they sometimes forget they’re wearing dentures at all.
  • Functional- The LifeLike dentures patented design prioritizes ease in chewing and eating.

LifeLike Dentures Available Styles

  • Active
  • Aggressive
  • Athletic
  • Dominant
  • Executive
  • Perfect
  • Sexy
  • Soft
  • Sporty

LifeLike Dentures in Fayetteville NC

Cosmetic LifeLike dentures are far superior to any other dentures system on the market today. They’re the only dentures that take into account both the cosmetic and functional needs of denture wearers. Dr. Ruff will evaluate your unique facial contours, jaw position and esthetics to closely mirror your natural smile. You don’t have to live with old, loose, ill-fitting, worn or broken down dentures. LifeLike dentures will exceed your expectations. What are you waiting for? Make an appointment with Dr. Ruff at Ascot Aesthetics Implants & Dentistry for your dentures consultation today. Dr. Ruff restores smiles daily throughout Fayetteville, NC Spring Lake, and Cumberland County.