General Dentistry for Fayetteville, NC Residents

pain free dentistry fayetteville ncPreventive care plays a significant role in all of our treatment. Whenever you schedule an appointment with us, Dr. Ruff will perform an oral cancer screening, a periodontal evaluation, and decay screening. If she sees any problems, Dr. Ruff will discuss some of our preventive care solutions, such as:

We know that preventive general dental care can help you avoid unwanted damage and unnecessary expense. If we can help you avoid gum disease and tooth decay through regular visits at our Fayetteville, NC dental office, you can maintain a functional and strong smile!

Periodontal Treatment

Caring for your oral health includes regular teeth care and gum care. Neglecting your gums can eventually lead to periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, which is a culprit for the deterioration of your overall oral health. Periodontal disease affects 75% of adults over 35 years of age and is responsible for approximately 70% of all adult tooth loss. Since symptoms of periodontal disease often times are unnoticeable, people never realize their mouth is under bacterial attack.

Highly recognized as a greatly progressive disorder, periodontal disease is triggered by preventable factors like plaque build-up, tobacco use, certain medications and stress, as well as unpreventable measures like systemic disease and fluctuating hormone levels during puberty, pregnancy or menopause. Research proves up to 30% of the population may be genetically susceptible to gum disease.

Periodontal disease begins when the bacteria in the sticky film which forms on the tooth surface, or plaque, causes gum inflammation. If the irritation is ignored, plaque will release toxins breaking down the natural fibers which hold your gums to your teeth, permitting even more bacteria and toxins to invade. Plaque deposits quickly harden into calculus or tartar, which is a rough, porous substance not removable with brushing. Over time, this progression can lead to severe inflammation, bone loss, gum recession and tooth loss.

nitrous oxide dentist fayetteville ncSymptoms and signs include:

If you have noticed any of the above signs or symptoms, please make an appointment promptly! Together, we can win the battle against periodontal disease and maintain your wonderful, dazzling smile: gums and all. Now that’s something to smile about.

TMJ (Bruxism)

If your teeth are becoming worn down, you may have bruxism (excessive grinding and clenching during sleep). If left untreated, your teeth will become flatly worn down over time. This will develop chipped-away dents of tooth structure near the gum line (abrafctions). Some bruxism patients also notice general soreness of their TMJ joint and jaw muscle. A custom, lab-fabricated nightguard will help to comfortably stabilize and protect your smile and TMJ while you sleep.

If you have some of these symptoms, and think that you may have a TMJ problem, call us. We may be able to help you avoid extensive damage to your teeth by providing you with a custom nightguard.

To make an appointment at our Fayetteville, NC dental office, call us!

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