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9 Ways Your Dentist is Staying Safe & Clean

May 28, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Angela Ruff @ 5:20 pm

Dental hygienist with patient at dentist.Over the last several weeks, Americans have spent more time at home as businesses from all industries closed their doors to combat the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, this also included many dental offices. While dentists have been available for urgent issues, many dental practices are now opening their doors for routine and elective services. If you need to see your dentist, there’s no reason to worry. Here are 9 ways your dentist is staying safe and clean amid the current COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Face Shields & Masks

Coronavirus is spread through the nose and throat. Besides coughing and sneezing, it’s also believed to be transmitted through the air. As a result, many dental offices have made it mandatory to wear face shields with a mask during any dental treatment.

2. Head & Neck Coverings

Head and neck coverings should be worn during any dental treatment to protect the patient and staff from any potential exposure.

3. On Site Laundering

Previously, you might have seen a dental or medical professional walking around the grocery store in their scrubs. Now, it’s common practice to change out of their work uniforms before heading home. All staff uniforms, and head and neck will be laundered on site.

4. Leaving Shoes at Work

Besides having their work clothes cleaned on site, clinical staff will also be leaving their shoes at the office.

5. Requiring Face Masks

Patient safety is a top priority, which is why many dental offices are requiring masks to be worn in office. This also includes patients, except while dental care is being provided.

6. Clean Hands

Hand washing isn’t just important for your dental team. It’s also crucial patients practice proper oral hygiene. Dental offices require a patient to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering the facility.

7. Temperature Checks

Temperature checks of patients and staff are effective for stopping the spread of COVID-19. The simple measure only takes a few seconds to keep everyone in the office healthy.

8. Assuming Everyone is Asymptomatic

Whether a patient shows any symptoms or not, your dental team will treat all patients as if they are asymptomatic of viral infections.

9. Using Universal Precaution

Although we’re still learning about the virus, we know people can carry the infection without showing any symptoms. Your dentist will treat everyone as a potential source of COVID-19. As a result, they will use universal precautionary steps recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Choose a Higher Standard of Care

We’ve experienced many changes over the past few weeks to stay healthy. Besides social distancing, you’ll also notice a higher standard of care when visiting your dentist. You can rest assured your smile is in good hands using the latest safety and cleanliness protocols.

About Dr. Angela C. Ruff

For over 30 years, Dr. Angela Ruff has provided exceptional dental care to the community, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. She strives to provide the safe, clean environment you need to maintain your dental visits. If you have any questions about our safety protocols, contact our office today to learn more.